Online Readings with reputable Medium/Clairvoyant
  • Like to know what your future holds?
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  • Would you like contact with loved ones who have passed?
  • Book an Online Reading With Medium/Clairvoyant Denise...

Hi, thank you for popping in. My name as you would have figured is Denise.

I was born a medium therefore I have seen and heard people who have past over all my life. I have been a practising Medium for 18 years. As a medium I speak with and convey messages from people in the spirit world. Through me they will guide you on the most positive pathway for you. In your reading I will cover your career, home, relationship, finances, family and happiness, etc.

For me to do a reading for you, I require you to send me a photo of yourself so as I can see your eyes, your first name and a list of questions; the more specific the clearer answers you will receive.

Within 5 working days of receiving your email I will send you back an email reading.

I will as a medium tune in with those who watch over you from the spirit world and email to you those messages, answers to your questions and convey to you who is with you.